Just as many of us have been discovering the healing powers of salt therapy for ourselves for breathing issues and skin problems, so also is the equestrian world recognizing the healing power of salt therapy for horses. Equine Salt Spa allows horses to experience the amazing qualities of Salt Therapy for the first time in the US.

Equine Salt Spa provides safe, non-invasive therapy for performance horses of all disciplines. This state of the art treatment helps to improve the overall health and efficiency of the horse's respiratory system which in turn leads to improved cardiovascular performance. During the session, the horse passively breaths micronized salt. The salt acts as an expectorant, accelerating mucus clearance and improving lung function while killing harmful bacteria and soothing the respiratory system.

This drug-free therapy is used to increase mobility & reduce swelling in the limbs before and after competitive events.
Equine cold saltwater spa therapy is used to treat multiple conditions. Visit the Foxhall facilities & see for yourself.

The Treatment

Once your horse is inside the equine salt spa, your horse will breathe in dry salt aerosol. By inhaling this aerosol, the dry salt will act as an anti-bacterial agent – clearing mucus and dissolving bacteria and pollutants in the respiratory tract. Ultimately your horse’s lung inflammation will reduce, mucus will thin out, lung function will improve and breathing passages will open. The dry salt that has not been inhaled by your horse will fall onto your horse’s skin, permeating the epidermis, absorbing oils and reducing the reoccurrence of irritating skin conditions.

In addition, the salt helps to treat skin issues and overall inflammatory responses. Salt micro particles inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria, reduce swelling and ease inflammation throughout the horse's body. The therapy results in pH normalization and better skin microcirculation.


Mucus Clearance

When the salt particles enter the sinus and lung cavities, it reacts with the mucus by decreasing viscosity and allowing it to be expelled. Drawing out the mucus helps open up the airways and helps rid them of allergens and bacteria.


The micronized salt which the horse breathes benefits the irritated lining of the sinuses and lungs, from the bronchi down to the alveoli. With its natural anti-inflammatory properties, salt reduces tissue irritation and swelling, opening the airways for improved breathing and oxygen utilization.


In many respiratory tract conditions, airways become narrowed and irritated filling with mucus where bacteria flourishes. Not only does salt help expel bacteria through mucus clearance but salt being a natural antibacterial agent helps to kill harmful bacteria in the respiratory tract.

Among the equipment & therapies under Dr. Smiths guidance, Foxhall Equine has an ECB cold saltwater spa.

To learn more about equine salt therapy and all of the other services and treatments available for your horse at Foxhall Equine, give us a call today at (410) 406-1600 and take that first step toward procuring the best equine care available for your horse. We are committed to all horses of all disciplines.