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Today’s equine athletes, more than ever before, are competing at the highest levels, requiring strength, stamina and equine conditioning to meet the demands of rigorous competition. Given this environment, you must assure that your horse is appropriately prepared to perform safely at their highest level. When you entrust your horses to Foxhall Equine in Fallston, Maryland, you can rest assured that you have come to the best of facilities for equine conditioning and all of the other services and care your equine athlete will need.

With brand new facilities opening in Fall 2020, Dr. Chris Smith is realizing his dream of providing the ultimate in equine services, delivered by an excellent team. As an equestrian himself, having been a rider for the National Barrel Horse Association, Dr. Smith developed a personal passion for horses and has found that his career as an equine veterinarian combines his passion for the horse with incredible veterinary skills in advancing safe equine sports.



Equine Facility

Conveniently located in Fallston, Maryland, horse owners everywhere are excited about the new facilities opening in Fall 2020. Our facilities deliver state-of-the-art equine services under the direction of Dr. Chris Smith DVM, a well-known equine veterinarian who grew up in the equine world.

Equine Services

To learn more about the services offered at Foxhall Equine, give us a call today at (410) 406-1600 and take that important step toward procuring the best equine care available.