Class IV Regenerative Laser Therapy


Class IV regenerative laser therapy is a multi-patented laser system used at Foxhall for pain relief, rehabilitation and therapeutic healing. Many of what traditionally have been career-ending injuries for equine athletes are now able to be successfully treated while concurrently, the incidence of re-injury has been reduced. This powerful therapy has become the gold standard for laser therapy.



  • Repair of ligament and tendon lesions
  • Reduction of scar tissue within and around tendons
  • Normalization of muscle fibers and function
  • Analgesia
  • Anti-Inflammatory processes
  • Collagen production
  • Cell proliferation
  • Tendons
  • Ligaments
  • Muscles
  • Cartilage
  • Bone/Joint
  • Wounds
  • Even pre- and post-performance
  • Extra-corperal Shockwave
  • PRP
  • Stem Cells Therapy
  • IRAP
  • Injections

Forcing the body to re-align and re-vitalize when it WOULD NOT have otherwise.

  • Short, powerful laser pulses can generate acoustic waves that
  • Propagate deeper into tissue
  • Agitate the extra-cellular matrix
  • Release the growth factors that lay dormant on injured cells
  • Increase permeability of the cells
  • Nutrients can enter cells easier
  • Waste can exit cells easier

Stimulating the body to do what it does, only faster.

  • Stimulates capillary circulation
  • Enhances perfusion of blood from vessels to tissues
  • Initiate the release of oxygen from blood
  • Enhances targeted tissue oxygenation
  • Enhances efficiency of ATP production process
  • Generate more cellular energy within cells
  • Faster and stronger healing


To learn more about the class IV regenerative laser therapy available at Foxhall, give us a call today at (410) 406-1600 and take that important step toward procuring the best equine care available for your horse. We are committed to all horses of all disciplines.