Solarium Room


Foxhall’s equine solarium deploys a series of red lamps that emit infrared rays, known to be capable of deep penetration resulting in raising body temperature and activating major bodily functions. This light therapy results in capillary expansion that will stimulate blood flow, circulation, oxygenation and regeneration. The equine solarium will strengthen your horse’s immune system through the production of white cells and relax tightened and stressed muscles.


Foxhalls equine solarium uses large red lamps emitting infrared rays, a form of heat radiation for deep penetration.
Foxhalls equine solarium employs a series of red lamps emitting infrared rays which are capable of deep penetration.


  • Muscle loosening and relaxation to improve training performance and reduce injury
  • A faster recovery from exercise
  • Treatment and rebuilding from tissue injuries
  • Elimination of toxins, including lactic acid
  • Stimulation of metabolism to improve digestion
  • Promoting the killing of pathogens and parasites that cause illness
  • Conditioning and rehabilitation from sports injuries


The veterinarians at Foxhall Equine know the beneficial effect of having an infrared heat radiation treatment prior to physiotherapy. The horse’s muscles will relax and the horse feels comfortable. Foxhall Equine recommends use of the solarium room to alleviate tension in a horse’s back as well as aching or pulled muscles.
Exposed to the radiant warmth, blood vessels will expand, improving circulation. Solar radiation also intensifies the blood to the kidneys and in respiration. The horse’s vitality is improved along with its performance. Solar radiation also intensifies circulation in deeper body tissue. Infrared radiation has a positive effect on a horse’s body in general and is particularly true for the function of the stomach and the bowels.


Equine solariums are used for pre-exercise warmup & muscle loosening. Relaxation will improve performance & reduce injury.
Solar radiation improves the vitality and comfort of horses.

To learn more about Solarium Therapy at Foxhall, give us a call today at (410) 406-1600 and take that important step toward procuring the best equine care available for your horse. We are committed to all horses of all disciplines.