Aqua Tread

When you are seeking the best in equine rehabilitation, sports medicine and veterinary services, look no further than Foxhall Equine in Fallston, Maryland. With new facilities opening in Spring 2020, a visit to our state-of the-art Equine Center will convince you that this is the place and the team that will provide the best in equine services for your horse. Because of the full range of services we provide, you will have one great location in which to get top level care from an expert team of professionals. Led by Dr. W. Chris Smith, DVM, Dr. Smith has surrounded himself with an outstanding, caring team of well-trained, experienced staff that will provide all of the services that your horse needs.

Horse rehabilitation is a major focus of our work at Foxhall. We provide a full range of rehab protocols, including an underwater treadmill. An underwater treadmill is a highly regarded methodology for hydrotherapy that is used by clients at Foxhall for equine rehabilitation, training and conditioning. Aqua tread hydrotherapy uses an underwater treadmill to provide equine therapy for horse conditioning and rehab. Horse owners, trainers and managers recognize the high value in hydrotherapy and at Foxhall, our aqua tread therapy is delivered through the Aqua Pacer Plus system, the system we believe is most effective and the popular choice of many horse owners for their high-performance horses.

Foxhall has continuously equipped our facilities with the best equipment that will meet the needs of our clients’ horses. Foxhall’s aqua tread services (an underwater treadmill using Aqua Pacer Plus) are particularly effective because of this equipment’s ability to elect the use of warm, hot and cold-water therapy, based upon which water temperature is in the best interests of the horse, providing unlimited options for treatment, conditioning and rehabilitation. Given the water temperature options, Aqua Pacer Plus can be used for multiple purposes. An underwater treadmill using our Aqua Pacer Plus, given the buoyancy of water, will place less stress on the bones and joints, ligaments and tendons of your horse. The underwater treadmill will mimic the gait of your horse while the resistance of water will build stamina, strength and endurance. All of this makes the Aqua Pacer Plus at Foxhall Equine the best choice for training, conditioning and rehabilitating your horse. Use of the Aqua Pacer Plus can also be used to improve your horse’s gait.

The Aqua Pacer is able to deliver aquatread treatment earlier than other forms of treatment and rehab. This aqua tread therapy can improve mobility and flexibility and help horses to recover on a shorter timeline after surgery. You will see improvement in your horse’s circulation and a decrease in inflammation. No matter the age of your horse, an underwater treadmill using our Aqua Pacer Plus is a safe and effective therapy.

At Foxhall Equine you will be dealing with equine professionals who share your passion for horses. Our world revolves around the horse and our stunning facilities deliver the ultimate in services. When you bring your horse to Foxhall Equine for any of its services, whether your horse needs rehabilitation, conditioning or veterinary services, you are not only going to get the best in care for your horse, but you will be receiving excellent customer service. We pride ourselves on integrity: transparent communication with our advice so that the guidance you receive from us will be backed up with a through explanation of our recommendations.

To learn more about aqua tread therapy using our underwater treadmill with Aqua Pacer Plus, give us a call today at 410.406.1600 and take that first step toward procuring the best equine care available for your horse at Foxhall Equine.