Dr. Chris Smith

When you are looking for the best care possible for your horse athlete, your best choice is Dr. Chris Smith in beautiful Maryland horse country. When you place your horse in the care of Dr. Chris Smith and his expert team of professionals, you can rest assured that his outstanding veterinary training and experience provide the backdrop for outstanding care. With the unique distinction of having been a rider himself for the National Barrel Horse Association, Dr. Chris Smith developed a personal passion for horses and has found his career as an equine veterinarian combines his passion for the horse with his incredible veterinary skills in advancing safe equine sports.

Dr. Chris Smith, upon completion of veterinary school, did a surgical internship with Manor Equine Hospital, all of this preparing him to care for the best in equine athletes.

2020 marks the celebrated opening of Foxhall Equine in Fallston, Maryland. Turning his dreams into reality, Dr. Smith has created an amazing state-of-the-art equine center at which your horse can receive full-range veterinary care, treatment for sports injuries, rehabilitation, strengthening and performance conditioning. Through the years of Dr. Chris Smith’s training and practice, he has gathered the expertise that has prepared him to plan and build this comprehensive equestrian facility. Always with an eye to proficiency, Dr. Smith has built an excellent care team at Foxhall. When you bring your horse to Foxhall – we also are available to care for your horse on your farm – you will recognize that Dr. Smith has created a stunning center, equipped it with a strong team of professionals and invested in the resources needed to appropriately treat and rehabilitate your equine athlete. Owners, trainers and riders rest easy when they familiarize themselves with Foxhall, knowing that Foxhall will serve their horse well for whatever the need may be.

Dr. Chris Smith has thoroughly equipped Foxhall Equine with outstanding resources:

  • Veterinary Services – Dr. Chris Smith and his team provide the full range of equine veterinary services. We are proud of our ability to do what it takes to maintain your horse’s wellness as well as guide your horse to its maximum athleticism.
  • Aqua Tread – Dr. Chris Smith’s facility offers Aqua Pacer, an equine underwater treadmill, with options of cold, warm and hot water, that mimics the natural movements of the horse’s gait, assisting horses to strengthen stamina, strength and endurance
  • ECB Coldwater Spa – Dr. Chris Smith uses the ECB Spa to treat and prevent a multitude of injuries, to increase mobility and to reduce swelling in the limbs before and after competitive events and training
  • Salt Room Therapy –Dr. Chris Smith recommends salt room therapy to assist with improving the overall health and efficiency of your horse’s respiratory system, contributing to improved cardiovascular performance
  • Class IV Regenerative Laser Therapy – With phenomenal capacity to regenerate tissue, forcing the body to regenerate when it would not have done this without laser therapy, Dr. Chris Smith will use this protocol when appropriate.

The equestrian world in the Maryland region has been awaiting the opening of Foxhall Equine. Equestrians now have the opportunity to access world-class facilities under the guidance of Dr. Chris Smith. To learn more about Foxhall Equine, give us a call today at 410.406.1600 and take that first step toward procuring the best equine care available for your horse.