Equine Performance

Today’s horse athletes are performing at incredibly high levels, strenuous athletic activity for which horses must be conditioned in order to maximize equine performance while simultaneously protecting the safety of the horse. This is no simple feat and requires everything from the basics of excellent equine veterinary care to the services involved in equine conditioning and rehabilitation. To be able to procure equine examination, diagnosis, treatment and conditioning from a single source is a rarity, but as equine veterinarian Dr. W. Chris Smith brings his dreams to life, Foxhall Equine will provide all of this and more. Located in Fallston, Maryland, Dr. Smith is opening his much-awaited incredible state-of-the-art facilities in 2020.

Dr. Smith brings an outstanding background to his work. With the unique distinction of having been a rider himself for the National Barrel Horse Association, Dr. Chris Smith developed a personal passion for horses and has found his career as an equine veterinarian combines his personal passion for the horse with his incredible veterinary skills in advancing safe equine sports. Upon finishing his veterinary training, he completed a surgical internship at Manor Equine Hospital, with all of this building his portfolio to care for the best in equine athletes. His day-to-day oversight of equine care, performance and rehabilitation at Foxhall Equine brings a level of topnotch professionalism and care that safeguards your horse at all times.

Equine performance for your horse at Foxhall Equine will be directed by an individualized protocol that will challenge and protect your horse at the same time. We offer a variety of exercise and therapy programs to heighten the performance of your horse. Some of the services we offer to our clients include:

Our rehabilitation services are comprehensive and we will explore potential treatment options for your horse. We will work with any type of sports injury your horse has experienced to return them to their best equine performance possible. Again, the new cutting-edge facilities and team of professionals at Foxhall Equine combine to bring your horse athlete the greatest options for improving equine performance. We specialize in lameness diagnosis; our imaging equipment is advanced; our rehabilitation services are comprehensive.

Anyone in the equestrian world understands the strong, unique bonding between a horse and his rider/owner/trainer. At Foxhall Equine, we feel your passion. We share that same passion. The team members at Foxhall Equine are committed to the best in care, the best in service and all that it takes to enhance equine performance. We take pride in the quality of care we provide, knowing that Dr. Smith expects nothing less than the best for your horse. Share the excitement with us as you learn more about our amazing facilities and staff, all delivered with the goal of better equine performance and constant safety. To learn more about improving the performance of your horse, give us a call today at 410.406.1600 and learn for yourself why Foxhall is the first choice of riders, horse owners and managers for all their equestrian needs.