Equine Rehab

Foxhall Equine is the ultimate facility for equine rehab. Conveniently located in Fallston, Maryland, horse owners everywhere are excited about the new facilities opening in Spring 2020. Our facilities deliver state-of-the-art equine services under the direction of Dr. Chris Smith DVM, a well-known equine veterinarian who grew up in the equine world and, upon attaining his veterinary degree, did an amazing internship under the guidance of Dr. Jim Juzwiak, a renowned surgeon specializing in sports medicine injuries. After completing his extensive training, Dr. Smith moved to the racetrack where he jumped into the world of sports medicine injuries and treated some of the most elite equine athletes in the world.

Dr. Smith’s training and experience contributed to his passion for equine rehab and inspired his work to create the Foxhall Equine. This incredible facility, led by Dr. Smith and his experienced team, offers the full array of services which will rehab horses and assist them in meeting their potential. Among the full range of services offered at Foxhall are:

  • Aqua Tread – an equine underwater treadmill using our Aqua Pacer Plus, with options of cold, warm and hot water, that mimics the natural movements of the horse’s gait, assisting the horse to strengthen stamina, strength and endurance
  • ECB Coldwater Spa – used to treat and prevent a multitude of injuries, to increase mobility and to reduce swelling in the limbs before and after competitive events and training
  • Salt Room Therapy – assists in improving the overall health and efficiency of your horse’s respiratory system, contributing to improved cardiovascular performance
  • Class IV Regenerative Laser Therapy – with phenomenal capacity to regenerate tissue, forcing the body to regenerate when it would not have done this without laser therapy
  • Veterinary Services – Dr. Smith and his team provide the full range of equine veterinary services.

Equine rehab begins with a careful assessment of your horse and any injuries or conditions that are present. Based upon Dr. Smith’s evaluation of your horse, you can rely upon Foxhall Equine to provide the appropriate equine rehab regimen that will treat and strengthen your horse back into healthy and competitive condition. Our facility is the winning combination of a strong, experienced team of professionals and the most current resources in the industry – all of this contributing to successful equine rehab. Whether your horse is at Foxhall for equine rehab of a specific injury or to improve condition for optimal performance, we are equipped to provide your horse with every equine rehab option for success.

There are a number of signs which may indicate your horse’s need for equine rehab. Whether your horse’s performance has changed, movements have stiffened or are uneven, or your horse is refusing to perform, the team at Foxhall Equine is ready to provide a careful assessment of your horse’s condition. You will quickly recognize that between Dr. Smith and his team and the outstanding facilities at Foxhall, this is the best place to bring your horse for equine rehab. Call us today at 410.406.1600 and we will work together on the ultimate in equine rehab.