Equine Salt Therapy

Just as many of us have been discovering the healing powers of salt therapy for ourselves for breathing issues and skin problems, so also is the equestrian world recognizing the healing power of salt therapy for horses. There are a multitude of conditions for which equine salt therapy is effective:

  • Respiratory problems
  • Bleeding
  • Sinusitis
  • Environmental allergies
  • Various inflammatory skin conditions

The Spring 2020 opening of Foxhall’s new state-of-the-art facilities is exciting for all of us! At Foxhall, we share an incredible enthusiasm for all things equestrian and our new setting is a dream come true. Our professional team is led by Dr. W. Chris Smith, DVM and he has surrounded himself with the best of the best. Whether you are seeking veterinary services, rehabilitation services or conditioning for your horse athlete, Foxhall Equine is equipped to address all of your equine needs. Dr. Smith’s training, dedication and diligence in working with horse athletes and their riders will assist in guiding your horse to its utmost potential.

Equine salt therapy (halotherapy) is an excellent drug-free treatment for your performance horse. Here at Foxhall Equine, located in Fallston, Maryland, we have an Equine Salt Spa providing safe, non-invasive therapy for performance horses of all disciplines. Equine salt therapy helps to improve your horse’s overall health and improve the efficiency of your horse’s respiratory system, leading to an improved cardiovascular performance. When your horse is treated with equine salt therapy, we have observed a number of benefits resulting from this, including clearing mucus, reducing congestion, reducing inflammation and strengthening the immune system, all accomplished without creating any discomfort for your horse.

Once your horse is inside the equine salt spa at Foxhall, your horse will breathe in dry salt aerosol. By inhaling this aerosol, the dry salt will act as an anti-bacterial agent – clearing mucus and dissolving bacteria and pollutants in the respiratory tract. Ultimately your horse’s lung inflammation will reduce, mucus will thin out, lung function will improve and breathing passages will open. The dry salt that has not been inhaled by your horse will fall onto your horse’s skin, permeating the epidermis, absorbing oils and reducing the reoccurrence of irritating skin conditions.

At Foxhall Equine, we are dedicated to the health and performance of your horse athlete. With our incredible new facilities, we have invested in all that it takes to live up to our commitment to horses. When you bring your horse to Foxhall, our enthusiasm, coupled with our integrity, will be obvious. Whether you are seeking equine salt therapy or any of the other multitude of services we provide, you can be confident that your horse is in great hands, that we have all of the resources needed to treat, rehab, condition and strengthen your horse to its ultimate capacity. To learn more about equine salt therapy and all of the other services and treatments available for your horse at Foxhall Equine, give us a call today at 410.406.1600 and take that first step toward procuring the best equine care available for your horse.