Equine Sports Medicine

2020 marks the opening of an incredible equestrian facility for the delivery of full-service equine veterinary services and equine sports medicine resources that are the best of the best, Foxhall Rehabilitation Center in Fallston, Maryland. The founder of Foxhall Equine, Dr. W. Chris Smith, is a renowned equine veterinarian who has combined his long-held personal passion for equestrian sports, having ridden extensively in the National Barrell Horse Association, with his perfectly-matched career as an equine veterinarian in Maryland horse country. For years, Dr. Smith dreamed of building this state-of-the-art facility for equestrian athletes with a full range of services, including horse veterinary services, rehabilitation, strengthening and conditioning.

Over the years, Dr. Smith has given much thought to planning the type of facility and services that would best serve the equestrian athlete, beginning with his own professional career development. Dr. Smith has done extensive preparation through the years to equip himself with the skills required to offer equine sports medicine to horse athletes, including completing a surgery internship with Manor Equine Hospital. When you layer this advanced preparation on top of Dr. Smith’s proficiency in equine veterinary training, it is clear how intentional Dr. Smith has been in building his skills and superb reputation for his expertise in equine sports medicine.

Equine sports medicine at Foxhall Equine is our focus and some of our many services include:

  • Hydrotherapy - Foxhall’s underwater treadmill using our Aqua Pacer Plus is particularly effective because of this equipment’s ability to elect the use of warm, hot and cold-water therapy, based upon which water temperature is in the best interests of the horse, providing unlimited options for treatment, conditioning and rehabilitation in a safe environment. Given the water temperature options, Aqua Pacer Plus can be used for multiple purposes.
  • Cold Saltwater Hydrotherapy – This is an excellent, successful treatment for horses with lower leg injuries. This treatment creates a massive rush of healing blood and circulation. This is a drug free therapy and is widely used for injury prevention and increasing mobility and reducing swelling in the limbs prior to and post-training and competitive events.
  • Salt Room Therapy - Equine salt therapy helps to improve your horse’s overall health and improve the efficiency of your horse’s respiratory system, leading to an improved cardiovascular performance.
  • Class IV Regenerative Laser Therapy – Injuries that were once considered as career-ending can now be treated successfully through laser stimulation of circulation and oxygenation, leading to faster and stronger healing.

Dr. Smith has surrounded himself with an excellent team of professionals who all share his passion for horses. No one understands more intimately the incredible relationship between people and their horses than the staff at Foxhall. When you bring your horse to Foxhall Equine for equine sports medicine, you can be confident that your horse is in the safe, talented hands of equine professionals who will treat your horse as if it were their own. To learn more about equine sports medicine, give us a call today at 410.406.1600 and learn for yourself why Foxhall is the first choice of horse owners and managers for all their equestrian needs.