Equine Veterinarian

If you are looking for the services of an equine veterinarian in the Maryland region, selecting Dr. W. Chris Smith, DVM will be the best decision you can make. As an equestrian himself, Dr. Smith has a long history that has served him well in his equine practice. At a young age, Dr. Smith rode extensively in the National Barrel Association. Fueling his passion for horses, he headed to veterinary school. Upon completion, he had an incredible experience doing a surgical internship with Manor Equine Hospital. Upon completion of Dr. Smith’s training as an equine veterinarian, he headed to the race track to begin his career caring for some of the most elite equine athletes in the sport.

Dr. Smith is bringing his lifelong dream to life in Spring 2020 with the opening of Foxhall Equine in Fallston, Maryland. This combination of Dr. Smith and his team with these new state-of-the-art facilities will deliver the best equine veterinary care available. With Dr. Smith’s dedication and diligence to be the best, you cannot find better equine veterinarian expertise anywhere. His own experience as a rider and his professional credentials combine to bring you confidence that your horse will receive the ultimate in care.

When it comes to equine veterinarians, Dr. Smith is distinguishing himself with the creation of Foxhall Equine. As a full-service facility, you can look to Foxhall for the full range of equine services from traditional veterinary services to rehabilitation, strengthening and conditioning for performance. In planning for Foxhall, Dr. Smith has strived to create a facility that will become a horse owner or manager’s equine home. Some of the many services available at Foxhall include:

As an equine veterinarian, Dr. Smith knows the importance of assembling a strong team of equine care professionals to support the myriad of services performed at Foxhall Equine. Your equine athlete will benefit tremendously from the expertise of Dr. Smith and the support team working alongside him. From the moment you contact the professionals at Foxhall, you will recognize that Foxhall is definitely a cut above the rest. We share your enthusiasm for all things equine, for delivering the best in services so that your equine athlete can reach potential, doing all of this under the careful supervision of equine veterinarian Dr. W. Chris Smith. Staff doesn’t just work at Foxhall, we live and breathe for the horses under our care.

To learn more about equine veterinarian Dr. W. Chris Smith, give us a call at 410.406.1600. We share your devotion to horses and the world of equestrian sport and look forward to meeting both you and your horse. When you turn to Foxhall Equine, you will access safe, high quality, full-service care for your horse in an advanced setting that assures your horse is receiving the best care available.